The Lindgren siblings

Hilma Bertha Fredrica Constance Lindgren was 12 years old when she emigrated to America. She traveled with her father Johan Fredric Lindgren and younger brother Johan Berthold Lindgren. The year was 1889. The children's mother Albertina had died of tuberculosis nine years earlier, in 1880, in Oskarshamn. Albertina was 30 years old, and the children were 3 and 1.5 years old at that time.

After Albertina's death, Johan Fredric Lindgren took the children with him and moved back to his father. His name was also Johan Fredric Lindgren. He had been a widower for nearly 20 years and worked as a cellar master in Oskarshamn.

Eight years later, on December 19, 1888, the children's grandfather Johan Fredric passed away. Johan Fredric Jr. stayed at the address until April the following year. They then emigrated to North America. Most likely they arrived in Chicago.

One thing that remains in genealogical research is to try to find out their fate in America. They never returned to Sweden; that is beyond any doubt.

Albertina, who was Aunt to Grandma Alma, moved with her family from Ludvika Bruk to Björsjö when she was 15 years old. Albertina's father, Anders Andersson, was a supervisor at Ludvika Bruk. The family moved to Björsjö in Norrbärke parish in 1865. Something had gone wrong for Anders at Ludvika Bruk. In the last household examination records he appeared in for Ludvika, the priest crossed out the title "supervisor" and replaced it with "worker." Perhaps that was the reason why he decided to take a position at Björsjö ironworks instead, where he could once again be titled as a supervisor.

According to the register of incoming residents to Norrbärke in 1865, Anders Andersson was listed with his wife and four children. Anders, born in 1814 in Persbo, and his wife Catharina Svensdotter, seven years younger, born in 1821 in Gonäs. Together they had four children. The two oldest children were born in Persbo, Daniel in 1848 and Albertina in 1850. The two youngest were born in Ludvika Bruk, Anders Gustav in 1856 and Mina in 1859

The family can be found in the church register for Björsjö from 1864 to 1873, but without Albertina! Further investigation reveals that Albertina worked as a maid at different places from the age of 15. She can be found in Marnäs, Torrfasten, and Söderbärke. It was somewhere in those places that she met her future husband and became pregnant. She moved back to her parents shortly before the wedding, which took place on August 20, 1876, in Norrbärke parish. The priest noted in the marriage book: "Lindgren Johan Fredrik, Inspector from Århult in Döderhult parish, and Andersson Albertina, Daughter of Supervisor in Björsjö.

Shortly after the wedding, the couple moved to Stockholm. Their firstborn was a girl, born on January 4, 1877, in Nikolai parish. She was named Hilma Bertha Fredrica Constance. A year and a half later, their son Johan Berthold was born on August 19, 1878, also in Nikolai parish. The same year, the family left Stockholm and moved to Oskarshamn, which was Johan Fredric's hometown. A tragedy struck the family when Albertina died of tuberculosis on May 24, 1880. The children were then 1.5 and 3 years old.

Albertina's siblings, from left to right:

Daniel Andersson (1848-1918), Anders Gustav Andersson (1856-1908) och Wilhelmina "Mina" Andersson (1859-1942)

Daniel married Maria Boman from the neighboring farm in Björsjö. They moved to Smedjebacken. Daniel worked as a butcher and had a delicatessen on Kyrkogatan. They had four children who reached adulthood.

Anders Gustav married Anna Boman. Maria, Daniel's wife, and Anna were sisters. Anders Gustav and Anna moved to Snöån, a village in the same parish as Björsjö. Anders Gustav, like his brother Daniel, was also a butcher and ran a grocery store.

They had seven children. Both Anna and Anders Gustav contracted pneumonia and died on the same day, November 16, 1908. The children ranged in age from 17 to 7 at the time. Daniel and Maria in Smedjebacken took care of the youngest boy, Herman.

Mina married Erik Gustaf Andersson. He had arrived in Björsjö at the age of 25. He was employed by the state as a forest ranger. Mina and EG remained in Björsjö throughout their lives. They had five children who reached adulthood. Mina and EG were my father's maternal grandparents.

A photo from Björsjö with the Blast furnace in the background